* [[ Diamond Tiara getting some karma]].
* [[ This]] animation (unfortunately it was just a dream).
* [[ Scootaloo breaking herself AND Lightning Blitz out of Ponyville Hospital]]! Boy, [[TheGuardsMustBeCrazy hospital security must not be very good]], that's ''twice'' that [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E16ReadItAndWeep someone's managed to sneak past them]].
* [[ Sandy giving]] [[ Jet Set and Upper Crust]] [[ShutUpHannibal a verbal]] [[BadassBoast beatdown]], with Warden teleporting them back to Canterlot!
---> '''[[{{Jerkass}} Jet Set]]''': You’ll be hearing from our lawyers.
---> '''Sandy''': '''Fine! Bring your lawyers! I won’t let you have that baby so long as I’m breathing!'''
---> '''Warden''': As long as you’re leaving, let me give you an express pass back to Canterlot! (Teleports the snobs away).
* [[ Both]] [[ Warden and]] [[ Sandy intimidating]] ''"The Docter"''!
* [[ The Doctor]] shaking off his Discordation, saying ''he'' will protect Lightning Blitz and Twilight. Also a CMOH.
* The [[ ending of]] [[ "The Birthing"]]. Doubles as a CMOH.
* [[ The comic's BACK baby!]] And with a MeaningfulRename to boot!
** That it now has the spin-off comic, [[ AskRainCatcher]].
* [[ The strip's one year anniversary, Scootaloo's in-universe birthday, and ''6,660'' followers (even ''more'' by now, including THIS troper)!]]
* TheReveal that [[ Scootaloo can see her son again]], and [[ just in time for her birthday too!]] Also a CMOH.
* Heck, if it wasn't for discord whooves, Scootaloo would be dead. Doubles as horrific AND a BigDamnHeroes.
* Scootaloo [[{{Determinator}} refusing to give up]] [[ trying to fly]], even after [[ faceplanting]] ''[[ multiple times]]''. [[ With some]] [[ proper training]], she went from not being able to fly [[ to]] ''[[ ahead of her age in terms of flight ability]]''
* [[spoiler:PHOENIX FUCKING WRIGHT]] being Sandy's lawyer.

[[AC: [[ Ask Rain Catcher]]]]

If [[ this]] post is canon, how [[SchoolNewspaperNewsHound Shady]] got Rain Catcher [[ that picture]] of a baby who [[ he at least reasonably assumed]] (correctly) was Lightning Blitz.

[[AC: [[ Lightning Blitz Answers]]]]

* The fact that the blog exists at all!
* [[ This]] ImagineSpot.
* [[ This]] non-canon BigDamnHeroes moment.
* Lightning looks a BadassAdorable [[ here]].
* [[ This]] ImagineSpot with Spike (also a CMOH and a CMOF).
* [[ This]] ‘’WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom’’ {{Crossover}}/ShoutOut.
** Gets a CallBack [[ here]].
* Lightning [[NoodleIncident some]][[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome how]] [[ sneaking into a base]].
* [[ Again]] an awesome ImagineSpot.
* [[ This gif]].