Awesome / Minute to Win It

  • A family of school-aged children, one as young as 10 and one as old as 18, managed to make it all the way to Level 10 through tag-teaming. As $500,000 was now a safe level, they decided to take a shot at Supercoin as the first team to actually elect to do so. Sadly, they lost despite having a total of 190 seconds.
  • Speaking of that game, patsdestroy's video of his friends managing to beat a home version of Supercoin was notable enough to be featured on the show itself during an episode featuring viewer videos. Sure it took longer than a minute, but it at least proved that in a close equivalent to the actual setup, it is indeed possible to beat the thing.
  • When demonstrating Supercoin for a prospective, ahem, "victim", the host of the Turkish version managed to beat it in only 17 seconds.