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Awesome: Mighty Med
  • The fight between Megahertz and Tecton.
    • Skylar taking on Megahertz, despite not having any of her powers.
    • By the same token, Kaz and Oliver trying to stall him when it becomes clear Skylar won't last for long. Very impressive considering there both normal humans and teenagers.
  • Oliver knocking Kaz to the ground and holding him in a leg lock in "I Normo." Kaz may be the hero, but considering just how much a jerk he had been towards Skylar and the fact he was willing to start a (mostly fake) fight with his best friend all to impress a shallow air head, he had it coming.
  • Kaz and Oliver being willing to give their lives to save the earth from a mess they created in "Pranks For Nothing." Admittedly it was all a prank, but the heroism still there.
    • It was also a very impressive prank as well.
  • Alan digging through the rubbish to save a little girl, with only one minute before they were all disintegrated, the guy might be a jerk, but he still put her before himself.
  • Oliver figuring out a way to manipulate the powers a hero who could see the future to stop time when they needed a few more minutes.
  • Skylar, Kaz and Oliver defeating the Crimson Demon, Skylar does most of the work, but once again they were all very brave and the fight is great to watch, complete with slow motion.
  • Skylar and Oliver taking out Alan's haywire attack droids, awesome to watch.
  • Kaz and Oliver giving skylar night vision goggles before turning off the lights (No one from her planet can see in the dark) then we see her owning Experion.
  • Captain Atomic's fight with Black Falcon was AWESOME!
  • When it was shown that the computer the superhero data was on had no USB port but a floppy disk, Kaz Loudly says that he can switch the data to horace computer then smash it before wifi get it, tricking wifi into heading towards Horace (Which DOES have a USB port) Then Kaz was able to trap him.

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