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YMMV: Mighty Med
  • Anticlimax Boss: Catastrophe is built as a very serious threat and described as "the most powerful supervillain ever to terrorise the galaxy." And yet upon his first true appearance, he does nothing more than knock around a few Red Shirts, take several laser blasts, overpowers Horace and beats him up. Before having his powers taken again by Oliver and Kaz, and being defeated by Alan.
  • Inferred Holocaust: There are well over a dozen other jars containing stolen heroes powers on The Annihilator's trophy shelves even discounting Skylar's. How many heroes has he defeated and left helpless? Are they okay?
  • Playing Against Type: In Good Luck Charlie and A.N.T. Farm the savvy one and the not so bright one are played by Bradley and Jake respectively - the roles are essentially reversed in this show.
    • However, Bradley's character is still very much careless and a magnet for mischief, like Gabe.
    • Debby Ryan, who mostly plays a somewhat introverted, nerdy, socially awkward and even Butt Monkey-ish character in her most well-known Disney Channel roles, gets to play a famous and far overconfident rock star who also happens to be a superheroine no less.

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