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Awesome: Manic Street Preachers
  • All of The Holy Bible qualifies as awesome, when it's not depressing or terrifying.
  • "A Design For Life", "Kevin Carter", "Enola/Alone", "Australia" and the title track from Everything Must Go.
  • The last four or so minutes to "Condemned To Rock And Roll". It's pretty much the band in overdrive.
  • The rare B-Side "Patrick Bateman" deserves a mention. The lyrics and the solo at the end are phenomenal.
  • The fact that the band managed to carry on after Richey disappeared is awesome in and of itself.
  • They had the first number one single of the new Millennium with "Masses Against The Classes".
    • The single was deleted on the day of it's release, and yet it still managed to make the number one spot!
  • They were also the first Western band to play live in Cuba. They even met Fidel Castro!
  • Their twelfth album Futurology got the number two spot in the charts. Their TWELFTH album. Seems they're still relevant, almost 30 years on.
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