!!From the [[Series/{{Manhattan}} television series:]]
* In "A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology", Frank [[spoiler:forces Charlie Isaacs to recant his offhand remark about the connection between Babbit and a defector to the USSR by proving to Isaac's face that he knew about [[DarkSecret a plagiarized portion of Charlie's paper]].]]
* In "The Understudy", Frank [[spoiler:realizes that you can invert explosive shockwaves and get the implosion effect he's been trying to figure out. Ironically, from the same paper Charles plagiarized a line of argument from.]]
* In "Tangiers, [[spoiler:Charlie not only bluffs Lancefield into folding in poker, but then beats him for sexually assaulting Abby.]]
* In the season 2 finale, the CGI effects of the nuclear explosion.

!!From the Creator/WoodyAllen [[Film/{{Manhattan}} film]]:
* The brilliant ending, culminating with Tracy saying, "Not everyone gets corrupted", and the shot of Creator/WoodyAllen's doubtful smiling face, followed by the dramatic UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity sunset.