[[folder: Little Brother]]
* The end of Chapter 11, when Marcus quotes from the ''Declaration of Independence''.
* Chapter 16, [[spoiler: Mr. Yallow's RoaringRampageOfRevenge to take down the DHS who he has been blindly trusting, after realising that they kidnapped and tortured his son.]]

[[folder: Homeland]]
* Marcus deciding that [[spoiler: it's about time Darryl got to decide what to do]] in Chapter 10:
--> '''Marcus''': Yeah... Yeah. [[spoiler: What do ''you'' want to do? Not 'What do you think I should do?' or 'What do you think is the safest thing to do?' What does ''Darryl Glover'' want to do, ''right now'', ''today''?]]
--> [[spoiler: '''Darryl''']]: [[spoiler:I want to release the whole thing. Today. Now.]]
--> '''Marcus''': Yeah... Yeah, that sounds about right. Let's [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] do it.