* Gantu's VillainousRescue, which is then upstaged by 601 kicking his butt.

%%[[AC:Mr. Stenchy]]
%%[[AC:The Asteroid]]
* Stitch, in full cowboy carpe, taking down an overgrown Sprout, complete with some unique CarFu with a riding mower.
* [[BigDamnHeroes Zach MacKillin]] coming to Stitch's aid with some handy lasso work.
-->'''Zack [=MacKillin=]''': "Ride on, [[WorthyOpponent stranger]]."

%%[[AC:Bad Stitch]]
* Stitch and Ganty's CarFu mano y mano.

* Splodyhead and Stitch vs. Slushy, an epic five minute battle that has everything from MoreDakka fireballs and icicles, frozen tornados and giant monsters made of fire and ice.
--> '''Jumba:''' "Elemental evil genius experiments about to join in epic battle, and I forgot camera."

* [[NotSoHarmlessVillain Hamsterviel]] taking out Stitch with a plasma cannon. Double awesome as he had made the plasma cannon out of the playthings in his gerbil cage.
* Stitch and 625's fight on top of Gantu's ship. Bonus points for 625 getting the upper-hand with some quick thinking.

%%[[AC:Bonnie & Clyde]]
* Pleakley using his Plitznolibrag skills from Plorgonar to win the basketball game againt [[BigBadDuumvirate Mertle and Gantu]], [[ThemeMusicPowerUp all while a jazzy version of the series theme is whistled in the background]].

* Lilo beating Mertle at the lightning round of the "Ohana-Rama" family trivia contest.

* Nani beating the [[IncrediblyLamePun stuffing]] out of Frenchfry [[MamaBear when he tries to eat Lilo and Stitch]], armed with nothing but a broom no less.

* Stitch and 625 recruiting their cousins to overthrow "King Gantu".

* [[TheProudFamily Suga Mama]] beating Gantu in the wrestling ring.

%%[[AC:Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats]]
* Gantu taking on Robot!Mertle to regain his position as TheDragon.