* Bond's final battle against Sanchez, leading to [[spoiler:Bond using Felix's present - a lighter - to set a gasoline-soaked [[ManOnFire Sanchez on fire]], giving him a quite KarmicDeath.]]
** Creator/TimothyDalton deserves a nod in regards to that scene for not using a stunt double for when Bond is running from the explosion. In more than one interview around the time the movie came out, Dalton said he was practically running for his life.
* The scene at the Hemingway House where M appears in person to order 007 to leave Sanchez to the Americans. Previous stories had Bond considering leaving the service in disgust. This time...
-->'''Bond''': SIR! They're not going to DO ANYTHING! (beat) I owe it to Leiter. He's put his life on the line for me many times.\\
'''M''': Oh spare me this sentimental RUBBISH! He knew the risks.\\
'''Bond''': And his '''wife'''?\\
'''M''': This private vendetta of yours could easily compromise Her Majesty's government. You have an assignment, and I expect you to carry it out ''objectively'' and ''professionally''!\\
'''Bond''' (with suppressed rage): Then you have my resignation, sir!\\
'''M''' (angry): ''We're not a country club, 007''! (beat) Effective immediately. Your licence to kill is revoked...
* You know that scene in ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' where a plane is yanked from the sky and pulled by another larger plane? This movie did it first, but with a helicopter pulling a plane.
** The crowner is Felix and James parachuting down directly down to Felix's wedding - leading to a wedding where the groom's outfit has a train and the bride's does not.
* Bond sees a bunch of Sanchez's goons coming up to his yacht with the corpse of Bond's ally, Sharkey, one joking about having the guy hung up like a fish. Instead of a clean escape, Bond takes the time to grab a spear gun, tell the killer "Compliments of Sharkey" and nail the guy as payback. As the movie illustrates, ''never'' screw with Bond's friends.
* Bond, underwater, harpoons the pontoon of a seaplane, rises to the surface, skis until he's alongside it, climbs into it when it's in the air, and throws the pilots out. All this and escaping with the laundered cash in it.
* Q coming to a BananaRepublic in order to aid 007 and chucking an invention away once he'd done with it.
** Plus, this is the only film aside from ''Film/{{Octopussy}}'', ''Film/{{Skyfall}}'', and ''Film/{{Spectre}}'' in which Q actually has a sizable role, instead of just showing up at the beginning to give Bond his gadgets.
* The fact that Bond is able to win Sanchez's trust by ''admitting his status as a British agent'', leaving the drug lord with no reason to feel suspicious of Bond. Bond is able to utilize this to great effect in making Sanchez vulnerable until he has the opportunity to take him down.
* The signature gun all by itself is made of this. The reaction of the ninjas when they are unable to use it against Bond is priceless.
* Pam Bouvier's ShowSomeLeg on a cult leader where she pulls a pistol from her thigh holster on him.
-->'''Joe Butcher:''' Bless your heart!
* Pam posing as "Miss Kennedy". Say what you want, she's the sexiest BondGirl who managed to be so without needing to wear a bikini.
* The tanker chase. Layered with a pursuing airplane flown by Pam, and [[EveryCarIsAPinto exploding vehicles everywhere]].
** Don't forget that to avoid getting hit with a Stinger, Bond does some CarSkiing. ''With an 18-wheeler''.
* Pam bringing a shotgun and kevlar to a BarBrawl.
* Pam rescuing Bond as Dario's about to kill him:
--> Dario: (Laughs) "You're dead".
--> Pam: "You took the words right out of my mouth".
--> (shoots him).
* Bond gets back at Ed Killifer for selling out Felix to Sanchez when he attempts to bribe Bond with his payoff.
-->'''Bond:''' You earned it. You keep it, ''old buddy''.
-->(''Bond throws the suitcase back at Killifer, who then falls into the SharkPool and is promptly attacked by sharks'')
* Basically, this whole movie is about showing us just how dangerous Bond can be if you really piss him off. It's equal parts awesome and [[NightmareFuel terrifying.]]
* Pam Bouvier....PERIOD! She's a genuine ActionGirl who kicks tail as good as Bond and her presence is especially refreshing considering the other young women in this film consist of a helpless rape/murder victim and a girlfriend of the BigBad who's a constant victim of DomesticAbuse (though she does become slightly more empowered as the movie goes on and helps out Bond). She even puts Dario in his "place" twice....She holds him off when he's pervin' on her by pointing her shotgun at his (rather excited) neither regions AND she's the one who helps kill Dario by shooting him so Bond can yank the goon into the cocaine shredder. All that's missing is a good "This is for Della Leiter, pig!".[[note]]This Troper imagines Della looking upon it all from the peaceful Hereafter, smiling.[[/note]] In an odd way; LicenceToKill is an incredibly ''Feminist'' Bond film.