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Awesome: Liar Game
  • Basically, anytime Akiyama-san delivers a coup de grace is a CMoA. One can routinely get a feel for whatever ridiculous - but nonetheless awesome - thing Akiyama's going to do when the game is demonstrated, by imagining what a normal person would think of as the stupidest move in a game, then wondering why a super-genius Chessmaster might do it deliberately. Net upshot? Stuff that looks Crazy Awesome that's actually Awesome by Analysis. In a manga based around winning high-stakes games of wits, he does this a lot:
    • In the second round Akiyama needs only one word to throw the last vote into a ridiculous spiral. The word is "NO".
    • "Doubt: 100 Million." Oh so very much. Not just a brilliant moment, though - it's made even better by the revelation afterwards that Akiyama really had no idea whether there was any money in the case at all. Right or wrong, he called doubt just so that the other team would know they had the balls to do it.
    • But it's not just Akiyama's show! Nao gets one when she convinces Fukunaga, of all people, to cooperate with her - once with advice from Akiyama that let her wield a losing position like a club, and once not because she didn't have any alternatives, but to demonstrate that she didn't need Akiyama to solve all her problems.
    • Also, Nao's speech to Yokoya at the end of Round 3. "Even though you may have made big money, Mr. Yokoya, you LOST the contest with me."
      • Made more awesome by the fact when she claimed she found a way to defeat the zero-sum game, that she was entirely bluffing and Yokoya completely fell for it, hook line and sinker.
    • Akiyama outdoes himself in the Pandemic Game, fooling of all people (if only briefly), the LGT Officers. The expression is priceless! He then moves on - as if that wasn't enough - to swindle 300 million from Yokoya. In a game where no in-game money is involved.
  • In the finale of Musical Chairs, Akiyama defeats Yokoya by encircling him with the "Extra" Alliance so he cannot get to his chair and sit in it to claim victory. All Yokoya had to do was sit in a chair and win.
    • Also includes a bit of Fridge Brilliance: Of course, Yokoya couldn't see this coming! His thought process is based on logic and how people can be used as chess pieces. Naturally, he didn't expect all the 'pawns' to surround him on all sides in such a sudden way.
  • Chapter 124, where Nao is the one pointing out that despite being pressed on both sides by Yokoya's and Harimoto's groups, those two groups will eventually need to team up with Akiyama and the "Extra's" group because they have the most voters to decide the winner. Which means, they have the upper hand over both groups. Even Fukugana is stunned that the previous crybaby, frightened girl who used to be so easily tricked by others was the one who was calling the shots.
    • And then she goes and gets another moment in Chapter 156 when, through her own planning, she realizes that the true leader of Harimoto's group is actually Kimura. As it hasn't been confirmed yet, she might be wrong, but it certainly seems plausible, with what we were shown...
      • It was indeed proven to be true. And even though Akiyama already knew that, it still doesn't change the fact that Nao figured that out all by herself and in her own way.
  • Nao's short speech in chapter 187. She sees right through Yokoya once he describes his father's teaching that "a person's worth is decided by how many other people he controls." This has, apparently, been what has been guiding him throughout the Liar Game. In response, Nao points out that, because Yokoya is merely putting into practice his father's words, everything he does is not thanks to his own ability. It's thanks to his father's control, and Yokoya will never be able to break free from that control if he continues to live by his father's words. Even Yokoya goes speechless, and pale with fear. Let's restate that: Nao just gave Yokoya a Breaking Speech. Hot damn.
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