Awesome / Lazy Game Reviews

  • One Oddware video has Clint showcasing the "Thrustmaster Wizard Pinball Controller", a set of two pinball controls used to control the paddles and tilt in a computer pinball game. After playing a few different pinball games, he attempts to complete the first level of Doom 2 using the controllers. And succeeds.
  • In his review of Red Baron 2, the first thing he did was try to use the enclosed coupon for 75 cents off a Red Baron pizza. He went down to the grocery store with camera in hand and found, to the surprise of himself, the cashier, and the next person in line, that a 17-year-old coupon worked without issue, even though it didn't have an expiration date. The majority of the video was dedicated to cooking and reviewing the pizza with the game itself being nearly an afterthought. It's later revealed he kept the pizza box and actually hung it on his wall.