Funny: Lazy Game Reviews

  • When he plays Train Simulator 2012, there is one point where the train derails because he was going too fast. Except instead of simply running off the rails, it goes soaring through the air as if he hit a nuclear bomb. LGR's reaction is simply priceless.
  • His review of "Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats" is chock-full of these. He absolutely slaughters the game with a barrage of insults, one-liners, and comparisons to diabetes. Highlights include locking furniture and Sims wearing clothing from the stuff pack in a room, setting the room on fire, and dubbing it the "Katy Perry Sweet Treats House of Pain", and ending the video by eating the pack's cover art, something he regretted later on when it turned out the pack was discontinued and for awhile, went for $40 for a used copy on eBay.
  • During his look at the Adlib sound card, he goes through all the box contents and notices a thank-you letter from the president of the company. He paraphrases it as "Thank you, you're awesome for buying our stuff, don't buy Creative."
  • LGR Plays Barbie Super Sports. No amount of description can do the whole thing justice, but just to give a few highlights — there is the Most Annoying Sound of "Press the X button" every single time you move to another option, and, as mentioned on the main page, the water fountain incident. He finds a water fountain in the store that does absolutely nothing except...well, give water. No rhyme or reason. He breaks out laughing hysterically over the sheer pointlessness.
  • Episode 5 of his ongoing LGR Thrifts series has some funny moments all around (including a cock joke that'd make James May chuckle), but the best comes in at the 6:30-mark, when this porcelain angel....thing is brought before the camera, with LGR freaking out and yelling to get it away from him.
  • LGR's reactions to Skyscraper Simulator's really buggy sound effects.
  • LGR's reaction to one of the playable characters, or "vaguely human polygons with a slew of serious medical conditions", in his review of Extreme Boards And Blades. The sad music that plays as he says this helps makes the joke work:
    LGR: (screen zooms in on the player) Oh my word, what happened to your head? I am so sorry.
    • His review of this game is really humorous, containing plenty of jokes describing how terrible it is. He even points out some of the worst bugs that it has. One of the best jokes in this video is his reaction to the fact that this game has a sequel.
    LGR: Oh what the *beep*, there's a sequel?!
  • LGR's review of Boards and Blades 2 isn't as funny as his review of the prequel, but is still amusing none the less.
    • The review starts off with more well-deserved insults towards the previous game. He also jokes that the playable characters were arrested for being a part of the previous game, which he counts as a felony.
  • LGR's reaction to the boxart of Tongue of the Fatman.
  • In the playthrough of the Early Access game Besiege, he builds several contraptions that explode or otherwise fail seconds after starting, some of which still manage to destroy the target anyway!
  • In his review of the MSX2, he complains about his particular model's subpar keyboard, then says that the indentation under it makes up for it by being a good place to hold Smarties.
  • The collaborative Let's Play of The Organ Trail with Pushing Up Roses. His party included himself, Pushing Up Roses, Duke Nukem, "Anyone", and fellow Retroware contributor Laserfrog (who was not present). The randomly generated hijinks induced frequent impersonations of Duke Nukem and Laserfrog and Anyone's various body parts breaking every other turn.