Awesome / Last Exile

  • Alex on a cross surprising Delphine by ripping his arm from the roses tying him down to grab her throat and slowly squeeze the life out of her while telling her how awful she was.
  • Claus and Lavie push their vanship through a battle that should been intervened in due to rule breaking, trying to appeal to The Guild via morse code while avoiding cannon fire. This later inspired the aristocrat general to create a vanship-fighter group.
  • In the long-distance race where you fix a vanship and race for eight hours. Claus and Lavi winning against Dio by having only half of a fuel tank thus making their ship lighter and faster.
  • Alex Row getting out of being assassinated at the underground auction by at the right moment killing his would be killers in the dark.(Which he spent all night adjusting his eyes to.)
  • Claus and Tatiana fighting Guild starfish and destroying one by shooting an ejected fuel tank.
  • Vincent ramming the Urbanus straight into Exile, urging the charge forward from the exposed front of the bridge which was sheered clean off a few minutes earlier, yet surviving without a scratch.
  • The vanships that assaulted the Guild battleships, which had just stood up to a full volley of shells without a hint of damage, from the inside?
  • Alex Rowe, captain of the Silvana during the battle against five Urbanus-class enemy ships. The exact moment was when he allowed the enemy ships to latch onto the Silvana with their cables, then fired a barrage of missiles aimed backwards to use the recoil to pull the enemy ships together behind the Silvana, letting the collapsing nearby rock structures hit by the missiles to sink those ships.
  • Executive Officer/Princess Sophia didn't waste time realizing who was the true enemy. Her evil father's corpse is barely cooled before she creates an alliance with her country's enemies, gets her Awesome Moment of Crowning, then lays down a new battle plan: A joint strike against the Guild. She puts aside her empress wear, gets all Meganekko in her uniform, and, later, leads the final charge. It works.