Awesome / Kid vs. Kat

  • Mr. Kat is basically a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome. Seriously, he has his own secret lair hidden inside a scratching post that is much bigger on the inside, is a Badass Bookworm, can easily make weapons out of common household items as well as alter them to his whim with minimal effort, and has always been able to make sure Coop never blows his cover no matter what. Sure he's a Butt-Monkey used for the put-through-hell plotline and has often been humiliated by people like Coop and Millie, but it doesn't make him any less awesome. If anything, it just makes him even more awesome since he's able to put up with it and still remain a badass. He's pretty much the best part of the entire series.

  • His arch-nemesis Coop Burtonburger is no slouch, either. Seriously, he can go toe-to-toe with Mr. Kat in fights, not to mention that he is also an talented magician, is the Badass Normal, and can even use Kat's inventions very well. Likewise, there are quite plenty of episodes that Coop actually emerges victorious over Mr. Kat. He may be a Butt-Monkey and The Scapegoat, but even that doesn't stop him from being awesome in every aspect. He's pretty much the second best part of the entire series.

  • All of the final episode "The Kat Went Back."
    • When Kat notices that Millie has been captured by the other Kats which were fooled by his decoy, he goes after her to save her anyway, despite the consequences that await.
    • Kat and Dr. K freeing the captured kids and working together to keep each other safe on Kat Nebula.
    • When the group is confronted by a bunch of guards, they're immediately dispatched by Lorn, Harley and Mr. Kitten riding a statue of Kat Commander. Yes, really.