Awesome / Karakuridouji Ultimo

  • Villainous example in Chapter 11; After licking their wounds for well over a hundred pages, Vice and K return with a vengeance replete with giant toppling blades and badass motorcycles.
  • Villainous example again in Chapter 12 with the rest of the evil doji: it's both pure horror and can get you bone-chillingly excited for the battles to come.
  • Mizho and Palace (especially Mizho) get one in Chapter 24 when they show a trio of street punks who they're messing with.
  • Dunstan transforming into his ICON mode in chapter 25.
  • The last third of Chapter 32 and the first half of Chapter 33 are simply dedicated to the awesomeness of Sayama. In her first battle, she enters Celty style in a leather suit and a motor bike, transforms with Regula, and beats a transformed Akira and Orgullo to the dust.