Awesome / Kamen Rider Spirits

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The first chapter alone has three of them. The most famous ones are from Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider #2 introduction story:
    General Gwin: Very impressive!! What's your mission objective and ID?!
    Ichimonji: Justice. Kamen Rider #2.
    Note that Hayato has just protected an orphanage full of kids from General Gwin's tank. By punching the tank shell.
    • And
    Taki: Hey... Won't you believe in him? That... Even if there is no God or Buddha... There is Kamen Rider.
  • New York city needs Kamen Rider to handle the monsters... except that he's in Japan. So Taki Kazuya, an ordinary human, puts on biker leathers and a skull motif helmet, grabs his shotgun and improvises a Fist Bomb and a Rider Kick weapon, and goes to the church the Monster of the Week is hiding at.
  • Super-1 standing straight on the nose of a space shuttle going through re-entry, and using nearly all of his hands to make sure that the shuttle doesn't explode. During re-entry.
  • Later, Kamen Rider X loses his arm during a fight in the ocean. Riderman attaches an arm that X Rider assumes is a nearly perfect copy... Until Riderman reveals that Amazon searched the ocean floor for the original and brought it back because "Keisuke's father built that arm for him."
  • Amazon slicing a fire-breathing T-Rex right down the middle with his Super Daisetsudan.
  • Stronger's arc. Cyborg troops attack and beat the shit outta him, and he appears to be dead. And then he gets up, battered and bleeding, repeats his Badass Creed, transforms again, with his armor broken, bleeding out from his shattered armor, with no possible chance of winning. And yet he does.