Awesome: Jade Empire

  • When dealing with a slaver about to buy Gao the Greater's captured slaves, instead of killing him or selling a woman to him, you also have a third option: hand her a knife and tell her to fight her slaver if she wants to be free. She guts him. It's an immensely Badass demonstration of the Closed Fist philosophy.
  • If you choose to kill Captain Sen in Imperial City, the dialogue choice enabling you to let Aishi finish him off is an Ironic Echo of what he said to try to justify his Moral Event Horizon crossing.
    Spirit Monk: If I help you, you'll only tell the others what I've done. I have to let you go.
  • The Jade Golem transformation is, well, awesome in both the traditional and modern senses of the word.
  • Sagacious Zu takes on Death's Hand himself, holding him off long enough for you to escape. Despite losing, he tricks Death's Hand into cutting through one of the pillars, bringing the entire fortress down on both of them.
  • Sky tricks Death's Hand into a trap, setting explosives off and crushing his entourage, enabling you to face him alone.