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* Episode 88 of the original anime, especially, the final minutes of the match against Knights of Queen. Someoka tries to score with his Dragon Slayer move, but it's send back towards Inazuma Japan's goal thanks to Edgar and his Excalibur! So what does Endou do? [[spoiler: Thanks to the discussion he had with Mr. Araya during the half-time, he develops his new hissatsu, Ijigen the Hand and stops the ball from going to the goal]]
** [[spoiler:Ijigen the Hand itself is a pretty awesome move. If I recall correctly, it's the only move that purposely makes a ball miss so the opponent doesn't get a point. The rest of the keeper moves involves catching a ball or punching them away.]]
* When you hear the theme song(s) start to play, chances are a CrowningMomentOfAwesome is going to happen.
* Every single time you score a goal. Extra points if you did it with a special tactic.
* Episode 38 of GO Galaxy: [[spoiler: While the whole episode is an example as a whole of this, Zanarkurou really nails the spot home as he gets near the net, when suddenly, the strongest defender of Faramobius, Bargas, appears. So, how does Zanarkurou react? By releasing so much power that he sends Bargas flying while having the same eyes as Super Zanark, and to score, he unleashed nothing less than Great Max Na Ore, which viewers of Chrono Stone may remember as the hissatsu waza that completely destroyed the goalkeepers of the opposing teams of the Second Stage Children, and it truly lives up to that, by not even allowing the opposing goalkeeper to even finish his hissatsu! What makes this even more awesome is that Zanark needed mixitrans to use this hissatsu: Zanarkurou just unleashed his potential without need of mixitrans or possibly not even his Soul. ]] Coming from the backup striker, this is one awesome feat.