'''[[AC: Ice Age]]''':
* Diego TakingTheBullet to protect Manny from Soto in the final epic showdown, even though it means his death.
** As mentioned above, the epic showdown was also awesome.
* [[FauxSymbolism Manny rescuing the tiger - at the time]], [[HeroicSacrifice his enemy - from a river of lava about to consume him.]]
* The reconcilation scene between Manny and the human chief [[AllThereInTheManual Runar]] when he returns his son Roshan to him. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
* [[CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming Diego limping forward to reunite with Manny and Sid at the end, and his goodbye to Roshan - covering one side of his face for "Where's The Baby".]]
* Sid shoves Zeke, a saber-toothed tiger, into a tiny hole after saving the baby from him.
** What he says as he does this also counts.
--->'''Sid:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis SURVIVAL! OF THE! FITTEST!!]] I don't think so!
* "Sorry fella's he caught a little frostbite!"
* Sid defeating the dodos single-handedly.
* Sid's ice-skating (well, until he crashes) and later his skiing and snowboarding away from the sabers.

'''[[AC: Ice Age: The Meltdown]]''':
* Scrat saves the day in this movie. Yes, ''Scrat''.
** Him beating up an entire school of piranhas as well.
* Sid's tribal-dance number with the pygmy sloths.
* "Food, Glorious Food" sung by the Vultures.
* Diego finally overcoming his fear of water to save Sid.
** And afterwards, when Diego reminds Sid that most animals can swim even as infants ([[IronicEcho something Sid taught him earlier]]), Sid responds, "Yeah, but not tigers. [[ObfuscatingStupidity I left that part out.]]"
* Diego orchestrating the others to cooperate when they're stuck on some precarious rocks stacked on top of one another.
* A veritable army of mammoths arriving at the end, after an entire film of Manny (and later Ellie) believing themselves to be the last ones, accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack.
** What's more awesome is Manny choosing his friends over the pack.

'''[[AC: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs]]''':
* The T.rex pushing Rudy, the most dangerous dinosaur in the dino-world, off the edge of a cliff.
* The whole thing about Buck, Crash and Eddie commandeering a pterodactyl to save Sid. [[AerialCanyonChase A canyon chase]], [[MoreDakka a little tail-and-berry (bow-and-arrow)]], some ImprobableAimingSkills, and a postcollision MidAirRepair thrown in between.
** And while they where busy with said awesome arobatics, Manny and Diego were having their own awesome moment fighting Guanlongs to protect Ellie.
* Scrat and Scratte 'dancing' the Nutty Tango over the nut. It's both awesome and hilarious.
* Buck is pretty much a walking, talking moment of awesome, as well as CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* Sid standing up to Mama Rex. Sure, it's something of a jerk move because he basically stole her eggs (albeit while thinking they'd been abandoned) and has no real custody claim to the babies, but it's still ''Sid'' refusing to back down from a ''T-Rex''.

'''[[AC: Ice Age: Continental Drift]]''':
* [[spoiler: Louis standing up to Gutt and rescuing Peaches]]
* Diego roars... the Earth stops shaking.
* Manny vs. Gutt. 'Nuff Said.
--> '''Manny:''' You know, Sometimes it pays to weigh eleven ''tons!''!\\
(leaps on the end of the ice, ''catapulting Gutt into the air'')\\
''Bon Voyage'', Monkey-Boy!\\
(whacks Gutt with a log, sending the evil ape flying ''far, far away into the distance'')
* [[spoiler: Precious turns out to be not-so-imaginary.]]
** [[spoiler:Sid aiming Precious' water jets to take out the pirates one by one, and his granny piloting Precious from inside her body.]]
* The Herd and the hyraxes stealing Gutt's replacement ship.
* Ellie squishing Squint into the ground.
-->'''Ellie''': Silly Rabbit! ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Piracy! Doesn't! Pay!]]''
* When Gutt [[spoiler: is headed to kill Ellie]], he blocks Manny's path by disconnecting the ships. Peaches, however knows ''just what do!''
-->'''Peaches''': I got this Dad!\\
'''Manny''': Peaches! No! It's too dangerous!\\
'''Peaches''': ''Not if you half possum!''
** Peaches then uses her [[spoiler: tree swinging ability and ''gives Gutt a '''powerful kick''', sending him to the ice wall'', saving her mother just in time]]
-->'''Ellie''': ''That's my girl!''\\
'''Manny''': She did it! [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming My daughter's all grown up.]]
* So Manny stole Captain Gutt's ship. What does he do? He BREAKS AN ICEBERG IN HALF to make a new one. Holy shit.
** [[FridgeLogic How do you think he made that ship in the first place?]] The island is covered in loose glaciers, so it makes sense he'd come there to make a new ship every time his current ship is too damaged or melted.
*** The impressive thing isn't that he MADE the ship, it's the fact that he crawled between a fissure, barely any room for him to fit, and using just his feet strength, broke the ice berg in half.
* That Captain Gutt and his crew got to the continent and captured Manny's family well before the herd (who had at least a half hour lead on them) got there without even seeing him pass them. Even with narwhal power, it's still impressive.
* The CreativeClosingCredits showing the ''entire cast'' singing "We Are Family", showing both thei actors and the characters they voice.