!!''Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey''
* Shadow and Chance manage to outwit a ''mountain lion'' by luring it onto a rock formation and utilizing said rock formation as a giant seesaw, [[ChekhovsGun just like Chance did]] [[FridgeBrilliance with Sassy earlier in the film]].
-->'''Chance:''' [[Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay Hasta la vista]], kitty!
* Sassy: "Am I bad? Oh yes."

!!''Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco''
* Shadow and Sassy (Chance was busy elsewhere at the time) entering a burning building to save a boy and his kitten that they met earlier who were trapped inside. All four make it out alive, and the boy overcomes his fear of dogs as a bonus.
* Chance turns the tables on Ashcan and Pete when they attack Shadow and Sassy. He [[IShallTauntYou convinces]] them to follow him and tricks them into a tube, which he rolls downhill - just like he [[ChekhovsSkill did]] to Sassy earlier in the film.
-->'''Chance''': Hey, what's got eight legs, no brains, spins around and screams like a baby?\\
'''Pete''': I dunno, what?\\
'''Chance''': ''You guys!'' (''shoves the tube with Ashcan and Pete inside down the ramp, screaming all the way down'')