!!''Highlander'' (1986)
* The original Highlander movie more or less codified the Crowning Moment of Awesome with the Quickening (No, not the awful movie). What could we do to make a swordfight more awesome? Oh, how about when one of the guys takes the other guy's head, EVERYTHING EXPLODES!
* The church scene in the original film. Never before has two men sitting down and talking been more badass.
** Connor letting the Kurgan know that any fear he may have felt is long gone: "You can't stay in here forever."
* Connor defeating the Kurgan.
* Brenda attacking the Kurgan with a pipe also qualifies, given she knew she was attacking a six foot tall, immortal, madman wielding a broadsword.
* The duel between Ramirez and the Kurgan. When Creator/SeanConnery is demolishing brick walls due to the impact of his sword, you know that Awesome is occurring.
* The gun nut who stumbles upon the end of a duel and opens fire on the Kurgan. No, it didn't work, but he still did better than just about anyone else who went up against the Kurgan.
** Also awesome: after getting impaled on the Kurgan's sword and left for dead, the gun nut ''lives''.