[[caption-width-right:350:"This is... this is impossible! You-you-you can't be alive; [[OhCrap you'd have to be a...]]" "A god?!"]]
!!The Disney film
* Baby Hercules throws a thunderbolt in annoyance after shocking himself. All the gods dive aside... except Athena who ''draws her sword and sends the thunderbolt flying with one big swing.''
* [[TheHero Herculesí]] TrainingMontage during the song "One Last Hope", with Phil teaching him everything he has learned through a lifetime of training warriors. Under Phil's tutelage, Herc goes from a skinny, clumsy teenager into a tall, muscular warrior who can finally use his SuperStrength effectively.
--> '''Phil''': *measuring Hercs biceps with a rope, which snaps when Herc flexes* NOW THATíS MORE LIKE IT!!
** Herc acing Phil's final test, a huge obstacle course which includes a huge metal bear trap, two sharks, a large marble fist pounding a landing zone, swinging axe heads, and finally, a dozen dummies armed with arrows.
** Heck, just Danny [=DeVito=] - the voice of Phil - ''singing''. The production team should be recognized just for talking him into it.
* [[BigGood Zeus]] where he throws lightning bolts right at the Titans.
-->'''Zeus:''' HAHA, now ''[[PreAssKickingOneLiner WATCH YOUR OLD MAN WORK]]''!\\
'''Stone Titan:''' [[OhCrap Uh]]-[[ThisIsGonnaSuck oh]].
** Then Zeus [[YourHeadAsplode blows his head off]]; both of them.
* Hercules brings Meg back from the dead while glowing in a way indicative of his status as a god like Zeus, [[ThisCannotBe much to Hades' surprise]] ...and accentuates the awesome with a [[OffhandBackhand matter-of-fact punch]] that ''[[RuleOfCool inverts Hades' face]]''.
--->'''Hades:''' [[ThisCannotBe This is, th-this is impossible!]] Y-you, you, you can't be alive! You'd have to be a...\\
'''Pain and Panic:''' A ''God''?
** It gets even more awesome when you see the fates' reactions. They clearly expected him to die hence why they're panicking, which means that Hercules ''chose his own fate''!
--> '''Present!Fate''': What's the matter with these scissors?!
--> '''Past!Fate''': '''THE THREAD WON'T CUT!!'''
* Hercules defeating the Hydra was an in-universe Moment of Awesome for the Thebans. Also applies to the audience.
** "Yah did it, kid! Yah did it, you won by a landslide!"
* The stunning "Zero to Hero" musical number. Hades throws everything he has at Hercules, it doesnt even slow him down. It also works as kind of a compressed version of the Twelve Labors.
* Hades releasing the Titans. The culmination of his EvilPlan makes the DarkestHour darker.
-->'''Hades:''' BRRRROTHERS, TITANS! LOOK AT YOU, IN YOUR SQUALID PRISON! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis WHO! PUT YOU!]] ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis DOWN THERE?!]]''\\
'''Titans:''' ''ZEEEEUUUUS!''\\
'''Hades:''' ''AND NOW THAT I SET YOU FREE, WHAT IS THE [[PunctuatedForEmphasis FIRST THING!]] '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis YOU'RE GOING TO DO?!!]]'''''\\
'''Titans:''' '''''DESTROY''' HIM!''\\
'''Hades:''' ...''Good'' answer.
* Megara's whole, "Then read my lips! Forget it." Keep in mind, she's saying this to the ''Lord of the Dead''...and she's ''still his slave''. THAT takes guts.
* The Titans' defeat. Herc directly defies DoNotTouchTheFunnelCloud and does ''just that'', '''grabbing the Wind Titan himself''' ''and using him to suck up the other Titans.'' Then with one final titanic effort he throws them all ''into space'', flung so far they eventually collide with some too-far-to-see distant object, ''and spectacularly explode with a'' '''supernova-level''' ''blast radius.''
** The Titans are gods, just more ancient than the Olympians. As gods, they're immortal... And yet, [[BeyondTheImpossible Hercules killed the Titans]].
*** There actually ''is'' a trick to kill gods, just have them attacked by both a mortal and a god (one to wound, the other to kill). The Wind Titan, however, couldn't be harmed by lightning or SuperStrength... So Hercules did the above, fulfilling both requirements at once by ''hitting the Wind Titan with the powers of the other Titans''.
* "Gospel Truth" was just epic! The whole storytelling song was awesome!
** Starting right from the beginning, when the Muses step in and steal narration duties from none other than ''Charlton Heston'':
--->'''Calliope:''' We'll take it from here, darling.\\
'''Narrator:''' You go, girls.
** The Muses narrating Zeus' battle with the Titans. It was a CurbStompBattle.
--->''[[BigDamnHeroes And then along came Zeus!]]''\\
''[[ShockAndAwe He hurled his thunder bolt...]]''\\
''[[BoltOfDivineRetribution HE ZAPPED!]]''\\
''Locked those suckers in a vault!''\\
''[[SealedEvilInACan They're trapped!]]''\\
** This song is almost better if you [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIdlgCa4fHc understand swedish]]. The translation of "Gospel Truth" doesnt work in Swedish (nor does gospel choir exist in any real extent there), so the lyrics had to be changed. Instead, they become:
-->''Och Zeus var ännu ung, yeah, baby!'' ("[[RetiredBadass And Zeus was still young, yeah, baby]]")\\
''Han tämjde världen utan pardon!'' ("[[BewareTheNiceOnes He tamed the world without mercy]]")\\
''Han gjorde det som var omöjligt, ja, han tog sig ton!'' ("[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu He did what was impossible]], [[BoltOfDivineRetribution yes, he spoke up]]!")
* Hercules beat the Cyclops... ''[[BroughtDownToBadass without]]'' his godly powers.
** The townspeople who once mocked Hercules now have total faith that he will come to save them. He does.
* Meg conquering her fear of heights as she and Pegasus fly off to get Phil to save Herc.
-->'''Meg''': (as she's untying Pegasus) Easy horsefeathers! Whoa stop twitching! Listen, Hercules is in trouble! We've gotta find Phil! He's the only one who can talk some sense into him!\\
(''Cue Pegasus flying off with a screaming Meg on his back'')
** Then, the following dialogue when they spot Phil about to board a boat out of Thebes. Phil, who is still upset and angry about Herc lashing out at him, refuses to listen until Meg gets him to snap out of it.
--> '''Meg''': Phil! Phil, Hercules needs your help!\\
'''Phil''': What's he need ''me'' for when he's got friends like ''you''?\\
'''Meg''': He won't listen to me!\\
'''Phil''': Good! He's finally learned something!\\
(turns to leave, but Pegasus blocks his path)\\
'''Meg''': Look, I know what I did was wrong, but this isn't about me, it's about ''him''. If you don't help him now, Phil, he'll ''die''!\\
(''Phil freezes in horror'')
** Then Phil gives a beaten up Herc pep talk to defeat the Cyclops:
-->'''Phil''': C'mon, kid, fight back! You can take this bum! This guy's a pushover! Look at him!\\
'''Hercules''' (dully): You were right all along, Phil. Dreams are for rookies.\\
'''Phil''': No, no, no! ''Givin' up'' is for rookies. I came back 'cause ''I'm not quittin' on ya!'' I'm willin' to go the distance. How' bout ''you''?
*** Herc then defeats the cyclops by blinding him with a torch then tangling his feet with rope, causing the behemoth to fall off the cliff to his death.
* Megara pushing Hercules out of the way from the falling pillar. Meg said it best...
-->'''Meg''': People do crazy things, when they're in love.
* The fact Hercules rode in on [[CanisMajor CERBERUS]] and made him ''whimper'' is an awesome part all on its own.
** This is probably a reference to one of the 12 Labors from the myths, one of which was fetching Cerberus from the underworld.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfUkhR1E5oM A Star Is Born]] as Hercules decides to give up Olympus so he can remain on Earth with Megara. He gives up his godhood to be with his true love (though they will one day ascend to the Elysium Fields together). In return, Zeus puts Hercules image in the stars
--> '''Bystander''': [[CallBack That's Phil's boy!]]
** The citizens of Thebe greeting Hercules, Phil and Megara as heroes, along with Hercules mortal parents.
** Finally, a meta example. Over 2000 long years have passed, the empires of Greece and Rome lie in the dust, yet who remains? Hercules, greatest of mans heroes.
* Pain and Panic may be comic relief for most of the movie, but they did infiltrate Zeus' palace and spirit away Hercules. Credit where it is due, that isn't exactly a small feat. ''[[NearVillainVictory And it would have worked]]'' if [[SpannerInTheWorks Amphytryon and Alcmene]] hadn't interrupted.
!!The TV Series
* From the episode "Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate", Herc reweaves time itself.
* In the series, Croesus tries and buy off Hades, who is so rich his Roman name Pluto means [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Rich One"]]. How is this awesome? ''He succeeds''. (''Until'' his check bounced at the end of the episode.)
* How Aladdin beats Pain and Panic in "Hercules and the Arabian Night" - by using ReversePsychology to get them to look in Genie's lamp. One second later, Genie's punch sends them flying back to the Underworld.