Awesome / Have Space Suit Will Travel

  • Behold Clifford "Kip" Russell, The Determinator in its finest form.
    • Walking out into an impossibly cold Plutonian night and nearly freezing to near-death to try and retrieve the Mother Thing and finish her task helps.
    • Not to mention how he deals with a wounded Wormface, squesh.
    • And when he learns he's been given amnesty if they decide to destroy Earth, he insists on going back before they carry out the sentence.
  • Mother Thing, she didn't even bother wearing a spacesuit.
  • You've gotta love Centurion Iunio. The man is a total ass... but that's why you cheer for him. His shining moment comes when he loses his temper and lets his javelin fly. It missed of course, but it no doubt beat all the Olympic records.
    Iunio: I'll make a funeral pyre of you! I'll temper my blade in your guts! I who am about to die, will show you a Roman's grave-piled high with Caesar's enemies!
    • And if that quote didn't convince you how awesome he is, he says this little gem as he's being dragged off to an unknown fate, smiling all the while.
    Kip: Goodbye Iunio!
    • Of course this all happens as Kip and Peewee cheer for him unashamedly.
  • The Three Galaxies council asks who will 'speak' for humanity. Mother Thing speaks up (heartwarming, but no surprise.) Then a random creature, a sort of space-monkey, stands and says, essentially, "Their species seems immature, aggressive, and unpredictable. But so did mine once, and so did all of yours. I say they get their chance to grow up."