Awesome / Hackers

  • FBI Agent Gill arresting The Plague. You have to admit even though Gill is something of an idiot, it is satisfying to see him get the guy who had been using him for a good part of the movie. Even more so when it was when The Plague thought he was safe on a plane to Tokyo.
    The Plague: (being handcuffed over his airline seat): Stewardess! I'll never fly this airline again!
  • Dade's massive hack as Zero Cool. How awesome is it? Seven years later people are still raving about it. The Plague even admits he's impressed. Nikon, who's friendly with Dade but initially dismissive of his skills and angrily calls him an amateur for one of his actions immediately starts fanboying when he finds out.
  • Hacking the Gibson. "Mess with the best, die like the rest." The Plague learned too late.
  • Cereal Killer, Razor, and Blade's epic The Cavalry moment, saving the day sending The Plague running.