Awesome: Golden Axe

  • In III, the player character runs and manages to jump on board a carriage drawn by Bizzarians running at full speed. If they fell off, the character then repeats the feat. Doubly so when compared to enemies, who die instantly when they fell off the carriage.
    • Also in III, player characters do not lose a life outright if they drop down the Bottomless Pits, unlike in the previous games. Badass.
  • In III, when players pull off a 2-player magic combo.
  • In III, everyone's grapple attack, as they are used on the Corvette knights. Cragger smashes his fist into plate armour, Sarah does her Groin Attack, Chronos biting, Kain smashing his sword hilt...
  • The ending of Beast Rider where Tyris decapitates the Death Adder.