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''Disney/{{Frozen}}'' is one powerful movie; here are some moments that show just why.

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!!The Disney film
* [[BadassPrincess Anna]] taking down a wolf ''with a lute''. When more wolves grab Kristoff, she lights a sleeping bag on fire and throws it at them.
** Kristoff taking down a wolf by repeatedly kicking him. With one foot! It's a really cool demonstration that he is genuinely a strong, rugged mountain-man.
** Shortly after, Sven's leap across a gorge.
** Kristoff putting Anna on Sven's back and cutting the harness when he sees the ravine, making sure that even if he doesn't make it, his best friend and the young woman in his care will. That's a crowning moment, an EstablishingCharacterMoment, and a HeroicSacrifice all in one, folks.
* There's something awesome about Kristoff's physical build. Compare him to other Disney heroes. They're mostly slim, about 5'7" or 5'8", just tall enough to embrace a princess and kiss them without overshadowing them. Hans is a perfect example of this. Kristoff is ''at least'' six feet tall, broad shouldered, rugged and muscular, with big feet and hands. When driving the sled with Anna, he takes up over half of his side. Upon his first adult appearance, he is given slightly ominous music as he has to bend down to enter Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna, and he's almost a full head taller than Anna is. They want you to know, "This guy works outdoors. He'd better look like it too." He can lift Anna right off her feet without blinking, and he performs quite a lot of physical exertion in the movie. For once, a guy who is strong also looks it.
* Anna rescuing Kristoff from falling over the cliff by throwing him the pickaxe and rope.
* Hans and his men fighting against Marshmallow. Hans wins his fight by cutting Marshmallow's leg off with ''one slice!'' Possibly more awesome is Marshmallow's attempt [[TakingYouWithMe to grab Hans and drag him into the chasm]].
* [[LadyOfBlackMagic Elsa's]] awesome fight scene against the Duke of Weselton's lackeys, nearly killing them with her impressive ice powers. Despite the relentless attacks, Elsa doesn't let up either. It shows that anger and man's basic survival instinct gives Elsa even ''better'' control of her powers than fear.
** And then Hans pleading with Elsa to not [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope become the monster everyone thinks she is]] by taking their lives. And then making sure that ''they'' don't take ''her'' life either. [[spoiler:Granted, it's in his own interests but it at least helped Elsa to not take a life.]]
** Elsa running from the guards before fighting them becomes this when you realize that she's running in heels made of ice, up stairs made of ice, while skipping steps!
** The two guards themselves put up one hell of a fight. They take Elsa on at the same time, they make several attempts to get behind her and flank her, they never keep their eyes off her, they stagger their slow-loading crossbows bolt shots so at least one of them can cover the other (like modern army soldiers do with automatic weaponry), and they just don't give up (which would be easy to do going up against, what amounts to, a demigod). One of them actually lines up a fatal shot after being pinned to the wall and almost being impaled.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Hans]] is the BigBad, a carefully researched {{Sociopath}} who managed to fake being nice ''so'' well that... well, it's awesome that Disney doesn't drop an orgy of foreshadowing and spoilers and clues, okay? You only see it in hindsight, and even then you need a degree in psychology or something. It comes right out and punches you right in the gut.
** [[spoiler:While we're on the subject of Hans, he's notable for ''not'' having an EvilPlan -- just a goal, a lot of chutzpah, and a lot of adaptability, to the point of XanatosSpeedChess.]]
* When Anna sees [[spoiler:Hans about to kill Elsa, she [[TakingTheBullet intercepts his sword]] [[HeroicSacrifice just as her body turns into ice]]. When the sword hits her now frozen hand, it's the ''sword'' that shatters. This ends up being the "[[ThePowerOfLove act of true love]]" that [[CurseEscapeClause breaks the curse]].]]
** Go back and watch the sequence again. [[spoiler:Just as Hans' sword is about to strike Anna, it grows frost on it, just as it was about to shatter. Any metalworker knows there must be a proper balance of heat and cold when forging a sword, otherwise the metal grows too brittle to effectively use. Anna was so cold, she ''fucked with the molecular structure of metal''.]]
* [[spoiler:Kristoff marching his way to go throttle Hans for what he almost did to Anna. Luckily (however you look at it), Anna stops him. What makes this moment awesome is that it shows that you NEVER want to mess with the people Kristoff loves.]]
* Sven and Kristoff galloping across the frozen fjord in a huge ice storm to save Anna, as the frozen ships begin to collapse around them.
** Near the end, Sven looked like he'll just drown, and Kristoff is already worrying for his buddy's survival... ''Sven climbed right back up to the surface''. For a reindeer, Sven's ''really'' tough!
* Olaf [[spoiler:saving Anna from freezing to death alone]].
* It may be a small one, but the way that Anna and Elsa's parents rode on their horses to save Anna's life. They didn't stop riding. Their horses were going fast. Just seeing these two parents riding on their horses to save one of their two daughters is just awesome.
* The opening scene with the ice harvesters. Seeing them do their professional work, while singing, is just awesome. That had to have been the [[RatedMForManly manliest]] Disney song since "[[Disney/{{Mulan}} I'll Make A Man Out You]]".
* ''The Great Thaw''. CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome and Awesome]] combine into TearsOfJoy for Elsa. And quite a lot of the audience.
* Elsa's refusal to bless the marriage of Anna and Hans could be a huge WhamLine to die-hard Disney fans, but ultimately she was right.
-->[[spoiler:"You can't marry a man you just met."]]
* Massive points for Disney for straying away from their ObviouslyEvil villain path and making [[spoiler:Hans]] a completely different but extremely well-done type of Disney Villain: [[spoiler:A [[TheSociopath sociopathic]] JerkassWoobie who is [[TheChessmaster clever and calculating]] while being able to hide his evilness from the characters and even the viewer!]]
* It may be Villainous Awesome, but [[spoiler:Hans' performance as a grief-stricken widower for the council of the ambassadors is a tour de force. When he passes the death sentence on Elsa, you can just make out tears in his eyes. He's an appalling man, but [[Theatre/{{Cinderella}} Santino Fontana]] [[HeReallyCanAct Really Can Act]].]]
* Just as good is when Anna has one final word with [[spoiler:Hans]]
-->[[spoiler:Hans]]: Anna? But she froze your heart.
-->Anna: The only frozen heart around here is yours. ['''POW!''']
* Kai telling off the Duke of Weselton when he starts making trouble again at the end:
-->'''Kai:''' Oh, I have a message from the Queen. ''[opens a documented scroll]'' "Arendelle will henceforth and forever no longer do business of any sort with ''Weasel Town''."
* As well as being 100% awesome music, Let It Go is 100% awesome. After years of self hatred she manages to throw it off and do awesome things. Without practice. She doesn't throw it off completely, but still.
* Let's all appreciate that after almost 80 years, this was the ''first'' Disney animated feature where news of a sequel actually got people excited rather than groaning about the original film being tarnished. That's how much it got people to trust Disney again.