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Awesome: 47 Ronin
  • Mizuki's various skills such as becoming animals, shape-shifting into other people, and becoming a Dragon in the finale.
  • Kai and Oishi's escape from the Dutch
  • Kai versus The Tengu Master in their own turf. He managed to grab the sword faster than the Tengu Master and damn near decapitated him.
  • Mizuki, Lord Kira's second in command, disguising herself as a prostitute and seducing one of the ronin working for the heroes, leading them right into a trap that nearly killed them all in one fell swoop is one scene of villainous awesome.
  • The 47 Ronin's attack on Lord Kira's heavily guarded castle is one Crowning Moment of Awesome, especially during the battle scenes.
    • Oishi's killing of Lord Kira in the finale of the film, finally avenging his lord.
  • Kai versus Mizuki (who is a witch) in the final battle scene, which the latter becomes a Dragon and put up a heck of a brutal fight against Kai, nearly killing him quite a number of times. Kai wins in the end though.
    • Heck, even the heated exchange before the fight scene was awesome:
    Kai: I know what you are.
    Mizuki: You have no idea.
    Kai: I am not afraid of you.
    Mizuki: You should be.
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