Awesome / (500) Days of Summer

  • After the first time Tom sleeps with Summer, Tom walks to work the next morning, sees Han Solo winking as his reflection, water fountains erupt in triumph and he bursts into a dance sequence with everyone else around him to the backdrop of "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates. When you watch the scene, it's hard to not smile because I'm sure you've felt as great as he does at least once in your life. It was even a crowning moment for Joseph Gordon-Levitt too, because he's always wanted to be that guy who danced in front of a group of people just like Michael Jackson.
  • Rachel's following lines
    • Summing up the whole point of the film in a single line:
    Rachel: Just because some cute girl likes the same bizarro crap that you do doesn't mean she's your soulmate.
    • Her advice to Tom when he's pursuing Summer:
    Rachel: Just don't be a pussy!
  • Tom's blind date managing to demolish the idea that Summer was at fault for breaking up with Tom in her one scene.
    Blind Date: Can I ask you a question? She never cheated on you? She never took advantage of you in any way? And she told you upfront that she didnít want a boyfriend?