Awesome / Fans!

  • Rikk's Establishing Character Moment to rally the rest of the convention to fight back at the end of the first storyline:
    Rikk: I know you. You're not supposed to love or hate, or hope. The world believes you "have no lives." You have lives. You're unique, each as deep as a microverse. The only thing that unites us here in this room is our citizenship in dreamland. That's our nation. We all belong to it. Our enemy doesn't expect us to fight for it. His numbers say we'll run like scared comedy sidekicks! I'm nobody special...but I know where I stand. And I. Know. You! Are you with me?
  • Lord Feral stands up to Bugs Bunny, Checkerboard Nightmare, Ambush Bug, and Deadpool for nearly a whole minute. Give that man a medal.
    • There is also the appearance of Stephen Colbert.
    • Oh, no. No, no, no. See... that Stephen is a "manifestation" created by the bad guys (although he does get some good and creepy lines in). The good guys later beat up Stephen Colbert... off-panel. There's just so much awesome in here that that's not even a big thing for them. Like when:
  • Guth kills a time-traveling warlord by dropping a cardboard box on her from orbit.
  • Rumy fights a Superman-equivalent to the point where she can defeat him.
  • Kath, with little established combat ability and faced with trained Men in Black has mace.
  • In the face of fiction becoming reality and the world as we know it coming to an end, they are joined by these allies, rallied by this speech, and... well... keep reading; it doesn't let up. If you've read the archives, "The Ways the World Ends" will up the "Holy Shit!" Quotient practically every page.
  • They guilt a would-be world-ruler by letting a teammate pretending to be a previous antagonist yell at her for outdoing him