Awesome / Fairy Foxes

  • Episode 1 has Mark defeating a hawk during his and Zoey's first meeting.
  • Episode 2 has Mark and Kai forced to fight each other by the Hawks. They fake it to look like Kai killed Mark. It works.
    Mark: Yeah, it worked! And I only lost some fur!
  • The 3rd episode, The Escape:
    • Mark attacking a guard hawk.
      Mark: Yeah! 38 times escaping this place!
    • Louie turning into a dragon-fox hybrid and freeing the dragons held captive by the hawks.
    • The fight scene between the foxes and the hawks.
  • Episode 5 has the scene where all of the Foxes reunite at the supermarket, to the beat of Vanessa Mae's cover of the "Can Can Dance".
  • Episode 6 has Louie's dragon companion setting a hawk ablaze, turning it into KFC, which lands on a picnic table that the elderly human couple were sitting at.
    Old lady: Oh look, dear, it's your favourite, Extra-Crispy.
    Old man: I want ketchup!
    • Kiki with a Norf gun.
  • Episode 7 had the foxes facing off against Gavinne and her army of hawks.