Funny / Fairy Foxes

  • Episode 1:
    • Mark and Louie escaping from the Hawks.
      Mark: Go right, go right!
      Louie: I am going right!
      Mark: No you're not, I wanna go LEFT!
  • Episode 2 has Mark and Kai forced to fight each other by the Hawks. They fake it to look like Kai killed Mark. The funniest part would be when Mark tries to escape Kai by running around the stadium.
    Mark: How'd you get there so fast?!
  • The 3rd episode, The Escape, had the girl Fairy Foxes devising a plan on how to save Kai when Mark shows up saying that he and Louie have already thought of a plan. The shocked reactions on the girls' faces were priceless. Then the following:
    Louie: (shoots arrow) Put him down.
    ''The girl Fairy Foxes are shocked again, with "And how did you get here?!" above their heads.
    Mimi: I think we are getting off on the wrong foot.
    • Mark attacking a guard hawk.
      Mark: Yeah! 38 times escaping this place!
    • Kiki's "innocent" look after killing some of the hawks with her fire powers.
    • A hawk getting turned into KFC by Kiki's fire powers while she was rescuing Kai.
  • Episode 4 has a bunch:
    • The scene where Ashley discovers Mark.
    • Mimi trying to explain about the Akira Amulet to Zoey and Kiki.
      Kiki: (shaking a whimpering Mimi) You're! Not! Making! Any! Sense!
      * Mimi gets Wingding Eyes*
      Zoey: Um... how about we go to my house now?
    • The girls going to the library to look up on information about the Akira Amulet.
      Mimi: I'm going to make a quick run to the library so that we can research on things!
      * The girls make it to the library, which is as big as a castle*
      Kiki: That's a library?
      * Mimi opens the door and Zoey and Kiki just stand there with there mouths agape*
      Mimi: Get in here, you idiots!
      Kiki: I thought this was a library. Aren't there supposed to be books?
      Tori: (upside down) No silly, the books are below you!
      Mimi: No, Tori, that direction is up. You're saying that they're above you.
      Zoey: Wow... the books are floating.
      Tori: Yay!
    • After the girls end up in the human world to find Mark, two girls find Mimi and call her "Fuzzy".
    • Mark waking up thirsty and has to pee badly shortly after, but can't find a place to do so.
      Mark: There's no place, bladder.
    • The elderly couple's first appearance. The old man discovers Kiki, who fell from the sky and hits the ground, losing consciousness.
      Old man: When I was a boy, cats didn't fall from the sky.
      Old lady: I'll get the shovel, dear!
      Old man: Okay!
  • Episode 5:
    • The opening scene with the Hawks. The blue one laughs evilly at Kanoni getting a mission.
      Thunder Hawk: It's not that funny she got a mission. You failed your last one.
      * The blue hawk laughs again, Kanoni and the Thunder Hawk both Sweat Drop*
    • Louie turning back into his normal form, and Kai's reaction to it:
      Kai: Why'd you have to blow up in my face?
      Louie: You should be able to avoid it by now. (lowers eyelids) I mean, it happens every single time.
      Kai: (thinking) I hate it when he's right. (speaking) Let's go find Mark before he gets himself into more trouble.
    • The scene where all of the Foxes reunite at the supermarket, to the beat of Vanessa Mae's cover of the "Can Can Dance".
    • The human girls eating their chess pieces as they try to pull an all-nighter at a slumber party.
  • Episode 6:
    • Kai explaining that Zoey has "no concept of pain".
    • Louie's dragon companion setting a hawk ablaze, turning it into KFC, which lands on a picnic table that the elderly human couple were sitting at.
      Old lady: Oh look, dear, it's your favourite, Extra-Crispy.
      Old man: I want ketchup!
    • Mark eating Sugar O's, followed by Kai tugging on Mark's left ear, causing the brown fox to yelp in pain.
    • Kiki using her fire powers on Kai after Zoey explains that he has no emotions. Kai withstands it, but the book he was reading turns to ashes. The reactions on Mark and Louie's faces were priceless.
      Mark and Louie: ...
      Kai: I don't know if you were aiming for a sad or angry reaction out of that. But either way, you owe me another book.
      Kiki: (thinking) I can't believe this guy!
  • Episode 7:
    • Louie anxiously defending himself from Ashley's cat Cookie with a bow and arrow, but Kai stops him.
      Kai: Please forgive Louie.
      Mark: Yeah, Louie can be a little scary sometimes; don't mind him.
      Kai: Boo! (gets punched by a startled Mark)
    • Ashley being clueless about the Akira Amulet.
    • Megan being transfixed by the rainbow created by Zoey and the Akira Amulet.
    • When the hawks were attacking:
      Gavinne: (giggles evilly) Attack!
      Mark: Bring it on!
      Zoey: We are dead. We are very, very dead.
    • Kiki telling Ashley about the epic fight between the Foxes and the Hawks.
    • Louie accidentally pissing off Cookie, who chases him in the background.