Awesome / Evil Diva

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When Mrs. Beelze tears apart the case against Angela in less than five minutes after only one witness.
    Mrs. Beelze: So, let's review: The footprints in hell were not made by my client. You've got no witnesses. You've got no video. And then there's the fact that my client wasn't even in hell when she was apprehended. Do you really need to hear anything more, your honor? It's nearly noon and I could use a martini.
    Virgil: Mrs. Beelze, you've had one in your hand the entire time.
    Mrs. Beelze: It's warm. Move to dismiss.
    • To top it off, when Angela comments on how she was able to destroy the case after only one witness, she comments on how she must be getting rusty.
    Lessons in relativism from a Norse trickster god! Run away, Diva, for goshsakes, run away.