Awesome / Eureka

  • Carter gets one in "Blink" when a Fragile Speedster charges him. Carter pulls a baseball out of his pocket and hits the guy in the head with it. Badass Normal indeed.
    • Let's be honest, every time Jack Carter saves Eureka is a moment of awesome.
  • Zoey delivering a Shut Up, Hannibal! in "Duck, Duck, Goose" to Megan after she accuses Zoey of being stupid and only getting by because she's the Sheriff's daughter.
  • Zoey saving everyone at Cafe Diem from freezing by getting them together and leading them into the freezer and cranking up the heat.
  • Martha, the Cylon Shuttle Thing!
  • Jo kicking ass, taking names, and blowing up half a military base in "Founder's Day".
  • Zane's little speech to Wen and the rest of the committee sent to evaluate the Astraeus crew candidates.
    Zane: When the pressures on I know how to improvise. I've been doing it my whole life.
    Wen: We're assembling the best team of twenty out of hundreds of applicants. You're a loner Mr. Donavan. You said so yourself, you never depended on anyone your entire life. By definition, your not a team player.
    Zane: Then cut me, If I haven't proven myself already I never will. You all have yourselves a good day.
  • In "Lost", when Zane uses the Astraeus to take out the giant Martha.
  • The end of "Force Quit": Wen thinks shes speaking to Beverly in Carter's office but it turns out Beverly put Wen in a virtual version of the Carter's office as punishment. All I can say to that is...Go Beverly!
    • Also in "Force Quit", Henry stealing and then setting off a stun grenade at point blank range to buy Jack and Beverley more time.
  • Eureka goes anime in the 2011 Christmas special, leading to all-around awesome.
    Jack: Let's do this.
    Carl: Yes, let's do this.
    • Jack and Andy taking advantage of the newfound cartoon physics to fight some Ninja Snowmen, and yes you read that right.
    • Anime Fargo, the Ass Kicker!
  • Fargo standing up to General Mansfield in "The Ex-Files."