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Awesome: Escape from L.A.
  • The ending. "I told you you'd better hope I don't make it back."
    • Really, it's a meta moment of awesome for John Carpenter. In a day and age where most action movies absolutely have to have a world saving ending or at least a happy ending, Escape From L.A (as Roger Ebert put it) goes for broke and actually has the guts to end its movie by having its protagonist actually set off the doomsday device, causing the whole world to go down the shitter.
  • The "Bangkok Rules" scene wasn't bad. "Nobody draws until [this can] hits the ground." {throws can in the air, shoots everyone, can hits the ground} "Draw."
  • As well as the basketball scene, especially once you realize that Kurt Russell actually made all those shots (including the full-court one) all by himself.
  • Plenty of people think the whole movie is awesome.
  • Also in the end after all of humanity is without electricity. Snake in a nonchalant way finds a broken cigarette on the ground and smokes it before Breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • Snake's final battle with Cuervo.
  • Who is it that kills Cuervo in the end? Map-To-The-Stars-Eddie.
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