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Fridge: Escape from L.A.

Fridge Horror:

  • Sure, Snake shuts down Earth is a badass act to say screw you to the president, but with this one act, Snake possibly kills millions of people. Picture this: where do are electronics most vital? Hospitals where people are in ICU or getting treated, as well other stuff to help people like pacemakers or iron lungs. What the fucking hell, Snake?

Fridge Logic:

  • Most government buildings have Faraday Cages and are completely protected from EMPs, at best you would turn the lights off for a few minutes and then the generators would kick in. Second, why was their no failsafe for this doomsday device nor a secondary controller in-case the first one gets damaged? Lastly, why didn't they just invade L.A? In Escape from New York they try, but the gangs threaten to kill the president, displaying a severed finger as proof. In Escape from LA the president makes it clear that he doesn't care if Utopia lives or dies and would actually prefer her killed; he's even disappointed when she survives, remarking that Snake "didn't finish the mission."
    • The President didn't care about Utopia. However, Cuervo Jones had the Sword of Damocles and could have shut down all of America if angered and even threatens to do so during his broadcast if he sees any US military forces approach LA.
    • Not important, but where are movies produced now that LA is out of the picture?
    • Banning premarital sex is one thing, but smoking or red meat? Are those the kind of things a die-hard Southern conservative, steeped in proud traditions of tobacco-growing and barbecue, is likely to prohibit?
      • I always figured the President didn't really care about any of that and just wanted to control people.

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