Awesome: Elite

  • Two Cambridge undergraduates inventing the Sandbox Open Ended and 3D Space Simulation genres by themselves in their spare time. Funnily enough, they were initially rejected because their design was too radical and away from the "3 Lives and 10 minutes of gameplay" trend of the time.
  • Genius Programming: The amount of innovations and creative programming needed to implement a groundbreaking game of this magnitude in only 22ks, a tiny fraction of what's avalaible to the simplest phone. Braven gives a not too technical lecture in this 2011 video.
  • The original game had so many features and feelies that it used every avalaible bit, so in the end it figuratively AND literally overflowed its box.
  • Just a few days after Elite Dangerous went live, somebody had done a bit of research, and managed to find the Voyager I probe, right where it would in the year presented in the game. Yes, they hunted down a small object in the middle of open space several light weeks from Earth. A moment of awesome for both the devs putting it there and for the player who found it.
    • On a similar note, several people have visited Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the core of the Milky Way.
  • Whenever a capital ship jumps into the battlefield.