[[caption-width-right:350:But I be done seen 'bout ev'rything / When I see a elephant fly!]]
* The movie has an "awesome'' (and a little intense) opening narration that seems like the opening to a WWII Air Force film (which coincidentally was taking place when this movie was made):
-->'''Narrator:''' (''we see a nothing but a stormy sky'') Through the snow and sleet and hail...through the blizzard, through the gale...through the wind and through the rain...over mountain, over plain...through the blinding lightning flash (''strike of lightning'')...and the mighty thunder ''crash''! (''strike of thunder'')...ever ''faithful'', ever ''true''...nothing stops him...'''HE'LL GET THROUGH!'''
** (''we hear a propeller in the clouds, expecting an airplane….but's revealed to just be a bunch of storks delivering babies'')
* Mrs. Jumbo locking the mean elephants in their stall when they start mocking Dumbo.
** She also smacks a boy for teasing her son.
* The ringmaster locking her up was his Moment of Awesome in the same scene. You wouldn't think a human, much less an unthreatening-looking guy like him, would be able to subdue a rampaging elephant, and yet he does.
* Timothy Mouse gets his good moment by scaring the other elephants for picking on Dumbo.
* The crows teaching Dumbo to fly.
** Before that, Timothy's speech calling out the crows and the world at large for mocking Dumbo's ears.
* Dumbo shooting peanuts at the mean elephants like bullets from a gun is his way of saying "TakeThat"
* As mean as she may be, the Matriarch gets one for showing her badass credentials as a circus elephants. She stood on one ball and being ridden upon ''6'' more elephants and despite sweating all over, manages to ''keep her balance'' (until of course, Dumbo ruins everything, but even then she keeps herself above the ball for a long time). By the show's standard, she's a meanie for bullying Dumbo, but if you're looking for a circus elephant for high-level stunts, she's ''the'' elephant you're looking for.
* The very concept. A flying elephant is pretty awesome on its own.