Awesome: Dragonslayer

  • Pretty much any scene involving Vermithrax Pejorative. 30 years on, still the nastiest most badass dragon to appear in a Hollywood film.
    • The sequence at the burning lake, as Galen has his back turned while Vermithrax rises up from the water, the full reveal of what the dragon looks like up close and personal. Horrifying.
  • This editor loves CG art. Somewhere around the internet is a CG model of Vermithrax lovingly crafted by a fan. Its nice, but no where NEAR as awesome as the original puppet used in the film! I still get chills at the scene when Vermithrax lifts her head into the camera frame after seeing her little-ones were slaughtered. You can actually see the murder in the eyes!
    Ulric: That's no claw, by the gods! Its a tooth! You want me to do battle with that?
    • The very model itself was landmark in that it was the first 'go-motion' model. Unlike traditional stopmotion techniques, the dragon model was designed to move slightly when the image was taken in order to add a slight blur, smoothing out the characteristic jerky motion of its predecessors.
  • Ulric's battle royale against Vermithrax. Wizard against Dragon. Thunderstorms versus Fire. All leading up to Ulric's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • This troper wonders if Ulric and Vermithrax were...previously acquainted before the events of this film. Right before the big battle at the end Vermithrax and Ulric are seen standing/perched on two separate cliffs. Vermithrax sniffs the air a few times and then quickly turns her head toward Ulric, as if recognizing his scent. The wizard then murmurs an incantation in Latin. Cut back to the dragon, whose eyes narrow, almost in contempt (a nod to the effects wizards for that bit), then she snarls, as if to say, "Fuck you, old man!"
  • Vermithrax isn't the only one who gets these moments. When Tyrian—who has murdered two of Galen Brandwarden's friends—finally confronts Galen as he's trying to prevent the latest sacrifice, he explains that Galen will have to kill him to stop it. Galen hits back with this gem:
    Galen Brandwarden: I have plenty of reasons to kill you that have nothing to do with this sacrifice.
    • The ensuing fight scene is also pretty damn awesome for the both of them. Galen gets awesome points for fighting with a trained soldier, and Tyrian gets them for fighting a guy with a magic spear.