Awesome / Dire Straits

  • The Epic Riff in Money for Nothing. It's worth noting that in the album version of the song (which is 8 minutes long, thus the shortened version for the linked video), the song spends a full minute and a half building up to that riff.
    • In fact, when "Weird Al" Yankovic wanted to parody the song, Knopfler offered/demanded to reprise the riff himself.
  • "Tunnel of Love."
  • And, of course, the solo at the end of "Sultans of Swing."
  • Also the solos in "Lady Writer."
  • "Industrial Disease", a six-minute-long rocker about economic collapse, with an epic keyboard riff.
  • Telegraph Road is fourteen minutes of awesome. Particularly the hauntingly beautiful instrumental in the middle, after "Three lanes moving slow".