* ''Awesome/DoctorsOrders''
* ''Awesome/{{Rihannsu}}''
* ''Awesome/SpocksWorld''
* ''Awesome/TheWoundedSky''
* ''Awesome/YoungWizards''

!!Dark Mirror

* Counselor Troi using [[BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind telepathic judo]] to effortlessly curb stomp the [[MindRape monstrously powerful]] [[MirrorUniverse Mirror!Troi]]. Then Troi ''pistol whips the shit out of her with a phaser.'' Boo-ya.
** In this case, WeakButSkilled beat out UnskilledButStrong. Our Troi's empathic powers aren't very strong, but she has trained with them extensively for her job as a counselor and to block out the uncontrolled emotional broadcasts of the humans around her (she later develops a form of weaponized empathy in ''The Battle of Betazed''). Mirror Troi is more powerful, but has all the subtlety of a bat to the face, and never even ''bothered'' to develop the necessary defense, making her more of a GlassCannon. Sometimes a scalpel is more effective than a broadsword.