Awesome / Defenders of the Earth

  • The premise of the series, a crossover between Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake The Magician.
  • The theme song, with lyrics by Stan Lee.
  • In episode 1, Ming surmises that if the Earthling heroes have kids, they go to school. He orders his men to locate the school, captures the adult heroes, and sets them up for execution at an abandoned prison. How far does he get with his plan? They throw the switch.
    • He also killsFlash's wife and Rick's mother (likely to be Dale Arden).
  • Ming's son, Kro-Tan, gets one when he reduces his father to molecules, takes over his operations, and neatly conquers Earth—until a beast he summons proves too powerful to control.
    • And that beast's one weakness? Zuffoids.