Awesome / Dark Lord of Derkholm

  • Derk, in his Dark Lord Pigsty, is threatened by Mr. Chesney's accountant, Mr. Addis, with massive fines for not doing things on time. Derk simply doesn't care, believing he has nothing left to lose.
    “Loss?” said Derk. “People? I’ve lost my wife and my son. I saw the griffin who was a son to me shot down by your soldiers. My human daughter and my griffin daughter are missing. And you talk to me of sixteen hundred tourists who aren’t even dead!”
  • When the Dark Army escapes and overwhelm's Derk's children and all hope seems lost, a sudden shadow falls. It's Scales! He munches down a (illusory) soldier and orders the rest back into their bubble. They do so, quickly.
  • The Wild Hunt, where each Pilgrim Party is chased over a bridge by a series of monsters and the Dark Lord himself. All of Derk's kids find it immense fun, and a power trip to see them running.
  • In the second book, Elda feels so bad for Corkoran after his rocket is wrecked, she persuades her friends to find a way to help him visit the moon. Within an hour, they conceive and carry out a plan for doing so with just the magic taught to first-year students.