Heartwarming / Dark Lord of Derkholm

  • The members of Derk's family really do love each other, in spite of all their squabbles and bickering.
    • When Shona receives her letter of expulsion from the Bard's College, Kit and Callette, who almost never get along, table their differences to comfort her.
    • After Kit apparently dies, Callette locks herself in her den because she doesn't think she feels bad enough about it. It's both a Tear Jerker and a Heartwarming Moment when she finally emerges and tells Derk she's decided she's sorry he's dead.
  • The end of Dark Lord of Derkholm, in which Derk and Mara go back to being Happily Married, and Mara agrees with Derk that they should have some Winged Humanoid children.