Awesome / Dracula

Original Bram Stoker Novel

  • One of the most powerful bits in the book comes very near the beginning (Jonathan is only starting to realise that there is something strange about the Count) when Dracula gives a truly epic speech about the history of his race. In a different context, the speech's content would be worthy of a particularly good Rousing Speech. This is sadly (though unsurprisingly) omitted from many film versions, though the Francis Ford Coppola version had Gary Oldman doing a heavily abridged version: "What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila, whose blood is in these veins?"
  • The final battle between Dracula and/or his servants and the pursuing heroes, leading to Quincy's death right after he slays Dracula, is simply amazing.
    • If you take into account that the events of the book fall within the timeline of Castlevania, then Quincey's defeating of Dracula becomes much more awesome as he defeated the vampire without even using the whip.
  • Jonathan escaping from the castle by scaling the wall, then traveling countless kilometers on foot through dense forest, heavily populated by wolves, before reaching safety.
  • Renfield trying to attack Dracula when the former realizes he's come to the house to feed on Mina.
  • Mina realizing she can use Dracula's Psychic Link against him and telling Van Helsing to hypnotize her so she can see into the Count's mind and locate him.
  • No one can forget Arthur Holmwood, after having been told by Van Helsing that staking Lucy would free her soul, doing it without any hesitation or wavering whatsoever.
  • A moment that's acknowledged in universe, when Jonathan climbs down from a tower twice, and goes down into Dracula's crypt again in an attempt to finish him off. Van Helsing and Dr Seward both remark how it must have taken a lot of nerve to do it.
  • The captain of the Demeter, the ship that unwittingly transported Dracula to England. Realizing that he had no hope of defeating the supernatural monster that has killed most of his crew, he resolved to permanently bind himself to the wheel with a cross and rosary in order to prevent Dracula from taking the helm. Even if this meant that he would eventually die of starvation or thirst. Unfortunately, the ship manages to safely arrive on the shores of England, with no bodies except the dead captain, and one delighted vampire.