Awesome / Curvy

  • Anias actually turning down sex so she can focus on rescuing Fauna. And the Badass Boast that follows.
    Nel: Why you wanna be a plaything for some stuck-up princess when we can teach you how to kick her ass?
    Anias: You can tell Mallory I don't hafta to be in her "gang" to kick any ass I please.
  • Susie grabbing Fauna and giving her a verbal what for.
    Susie: Candy Chick, listen. I risked my life to rescue your supposedly fine ass. Now, I've known you for five minutes, and you've already insulted my best friend; caused her to plummet to her near death; started flinging deadly fireballs around willy-nilly; and put on a tacky cupcake corset. I sure hope you're worth Anais's time.
  • 1/23/16: Wexler says the words to Vice President Nelson that we've wanted to hear for years: "Sir. Shut up."