Awesome / Cracker

For a show supposedly taking a gritty realistic approach to crime solving, there sure is a lot of Awesome in Cracker.
  • He may be an overweight alcoholic womanizing gambling addict, but Fitz got in an early CMOA in the first episode when he interrogated a suspect in front of a moving train
    Suspect: [screaming in sheer terror]: There's train coming.
    Fitz: Sorry, can't hear you, there's a train coming.
  • DCI Bilborough; when he leads a raid on a far right skin-head club (full of nazi saluting chanting skin-heads), he discovers a picture of the then Manchester United Squad and shows it to the lead skin-head
    Bilborough: Ince is black! Dublin is black! Parker is black! Schmeichel's a Dane. Kanchelskis is a bloody Ukrainian and Cantona's French! You stupid soft sod.
    • But this is nothing compared to later in the episode when he is fatally stabbed, and yet still manages to call in for help and give a precise and detailed description of the killer.
      • Including that it's a "dying statement" so the call will be accepted as evidence in court.
  • Even DS Beck, the homophobic rapist, gets one at the end of 'Brotherly Love' where he gets a confession from the handcuffing himself to the killer and leaping off a ten storey block of flats with him.
  • Fitz interviewing Albie with aggression and contempt is a high point of the whole series, and overall To Be A Somebody is something of a Wham Episode.
    • Really, any time Fitz interviews the suspect is bound to be this.
  • Floyd Malcolm may be a serial rapist and eventual killer but to date he has been the only suspect to break into Fitz's home to rape Judith. None of the other criminals have ever gotten that close. And then Mark smashes him over the head with a bottle. Which is a crowning moment for him.
  • Penhaligon breaking into Jimmy Beck's home.