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Awesome: Cracker
For a show supposedly taking a gritty realistic approach to crime solving, there sure is a lot of Awesome in Cracker.
  • He may be an overweight alcoholic womanising gambling addict, but Fitz got in an early CMOA in the first episode when he interrogated a suspect in front of a moving train
    Suspect: [screaming in sheer terror]: There's train coming
    Fitz: Sorry, can't hear you, there's a train coming.
  • DCI Bilborough; when he leads a raid on a far right skin-head club (full of nazi saluting chanting skin-heads), he discovers a picture of the then Manchester United Squad and shows it to the lead skin-head
    Bilborough: Ince is black! Dublin is black! Parker is black! Schmeichel's a Dane. Kanchelskis is a bloody Ukrainian and Cantona's French! You stupid soft sod.
    • But this is nothing compared to later in the episode when he is fatally stabbed, and yet still manages to call in for help and give a precise and detailed description of the killer.
  • Even DS Beck, the homophobic rapist, gets one at the end of 'Brotherly Love' where he gets a confession from the handcuffing himself to the killer and leaping off a ten storey block of flats with him.
  • Fitz interviewing Albie with aggression and contempt is a high point of the whole series, and overall To Be A Somebody is something of a Wham Episode.
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