!! ''Tiberian Sun''
* In the Nod campaign, Umagon's first appearance has her NeckSnap a Nod Mook. She later kills 2 more when she [[spoiler: escapes from Nod custody]]. Ironically, she doesn't kill anyone in the GDI campaign cutscenes.
* In the GDI campaign finale, despite being [[spoiler: weakened by a Tiberium serum, she manages to throw off Kane's chokehold on her, allowing Mack the chance to attack Kane.]]
* Kane returns just as badass. [[spoiler:As a traitor is about to be executed under continuous shouts of "Kane lives in death." Kane then appears, shouting "Kane LIVES!"]] Even if you know it's coming, it'll give you chills every single time.
-->"Rule of thumb, Hassan: You can't kill the [[MessianicArchetype Messiah]]."
* The beginning of GDI's first mission shows GDI soldiers running in terror from Nod cyborgs screaming for reinforcements. Reinforcements who proceed to rain from the sky in [[ItsRainingMen drop pods]], blasting the cyborgs to pieces and landing on their corpses.
* And the last GDI cut scene has the player character, Michael [=McNeil=], going hand-to-hand with Kane himself in Nod's Pyramid Temple. They struggle, go off-camera, shots are fired, and Kane walks back into frame, still spouting his "I'm a close second to God" gibberish, leaving the player to think [=McNeil=] is dead. Then Kane chokes, checks himself, and realizes he's bleeding, turning [[OhCrap just in time]] to see [=McNeil=] running up to ''stab him with a giant shard of Tiberium'' and send him to hell with a pithy one-liner.
--> '''Kane:''' "I am the future! The [[TitleDrop Tiberian Sun]] has risen-!" (holds hands to chest, sees blood on fingers. Turns to see-)
--> '''[=McNeil=]:''' "NOT ON MY WORLD!" (Stabs Kane. You see the Tiberium spike jutting out of Kane's back. [=McNeil=] twists the spike and Kane falls to the floor, ''quite'' dead.) "And that's an order."
* The opening Nod cutscene has a nice bit:
-->'''CABAL:''' [[AC:A division of Hasan's Elite Guard is closing on our position. The probability of a favorable outcome can be increased if we can return to your main base and engage the enemy as we move.]]\\
'''Slavik:''' Define 'favorable outcome', CABAL.\\
'''CABAL:''' [[AC:They all die.]]\\
'''Slavik:''' ''(entirely matter-of-fact)'' That'll do. Let's go, no man or structure stays standing.
* The GDI opening cut scene with [=McNeil=] (Michael Biehn) being commanded by Solomon (James Earl Jones,) aka Kyle Reese and Darth Vader. After Kane's appearance Solomon offers the best GDI jump jet soldiers to retake a base, already being dispatched from the Philadelphia space station as the Kodiak cuts a path across the atmosphere.
-->'''[=McNeil=]:''' Let's kick some ass.

* The EnemyMine between GDI and Nod to [[spoiler: take down CABAL]].
* CABAL gets a good one. In the Nod campaign, when you're trying to take CABAL's core offline [[spoiler:It turns out the core is just a hologram, and CABAL starts launching waves of cluster missiles all over the map.]] The kicker: CABAL then taunts you with this line, "By the way, missile launch detected."