Awesome: Chew

  • Poyo is a walking crowning moment of awesome. His name even gets its own font!
  • After Amelia starts dating Tony, her ex-boyfriend harasses her by leaving racist messages on her answering machine. He later kidnaps Tony and forces him to eat the corpses of dead baseball players so that he can write a tell-all book about their sex lives. He doesn't realize that by eating the baseball players' bodies, Tony gains their talents as well as their memories. Tony eventually smashes his kidnapper's skull with a fastball.
    • Amelia also gets credit during this arc. She tries calling all his loved ones but their either busy (Colby, Toni and Ceasar), don't care (Rosemary cares more about blaming him for Sage's attitude and Chow is glad he's gone. ), or, thanks to applebee, think tony's just that unreliable (His new boss). She then finds out Dan quit due to finally getting his book on baseball player's sex life's greenlit and using one small clue (that Dan cockily brought up Tony when not even his best friend knew where he was.) She then tracks him, uses her scibosciver powers to get a costume to enter the auction he's auctioning Tony off at and bluffs everyone out of the autorium. While she gets corned after that, without her Tony would've died from his injuries.
  • In Issue 32 Tony finally stands up to Applebee after over 30 issues of constant abuse from him, blowing his top and telling him to fuck off, turning Applebee into a whimpering wreck in the process. In general, Tony's tribulations throughout the series (having his ear bitten off, demoted to traffic cop, almost tortured to death by Amelia's psycho ex-boyfriend and the brutal murder of his twin sister) appear to have toughened him up considerably.
    • Not only that but Applebee attempted to tell him off over vampire research... only for Tony to point out that not only was Vampire an FDA concern, but that he'd already killed dozens, including a federal agent aka Toni, and then promtply tells him to fuck off, period.
    • Applebee is so tramuatized by this that it takes a simple glare from Tony to shut him up.
  • Mason Savoy is also a walking crowning moment of awesome
    • His effortless defeat of a pack of Ninjas
    • Escaping from a maximum security FDA prison, defeating a man with the power to take on the properties of the Candy he eats simply by exploting the man's weak jaw, and then biting Montero and finally getting the info he'd been after the whole series.
  • Colby Inviting Mason to the party celebrating Colby and Applebee's marriage after Applebee makes it clear Colby could invite ANYONE who wasn't Tony Chu, then using the opportunity to get Mason back into the FDA.
  • Olive using her absorbed skills to sculpt a katana out of a choclate bar and then kicks the asses of the EGG members quickly and awesomely.
  • Issue #42: Tony is assigned to a month long assigmment at an underwater research station ferreting out a murderer, an obvious ploy by Applebee to torment him. What does Tony do? Say screw it, take of his Paper-Thin Disguise, and procede to eat his way to the truth. Then the guy behind it reveals himself and gives tony quite a fight with his skills. Tony one ups him by using his throwing arm to throw a nuclear clam at the guy.
  • Paneer Getting one up on the freaking Collector and sending him running, something on one else has manged so far and after he'd just brought down most of the FDA.
  • Anytime the issue cuts away to what Poyo's doing instead of providing backup.
  • Toni's death. She's kidnapped, has most of her bodyparts eaten by The Vampire/Collector to gain her power.. but nothing happens, having eaten a diet of beets to make her unreadable to chibopaths. She then gives off a Badass Boast, stating that though she dosen't know how, she knows Tony will destroy the Vampire. While she gets killed for it, it's an excellent way to go.
    • The events she set in motion using her Cibovoiance prior to her death deserve mention. She Chops off her own two before she started her beet diet, Leaves a cookbook behind for Amelia to follow, and knows enough about her future that she follows Tony along on a mission to help Chow. Then, having predicted Tony would eat too much of the toe to get the info he really needed, she counts on Amelia and Olive making a recipe consisting of Gallisberry in Chog sauce. Said combination leaves Tony stoned... but in his stupor, he and Colby end up accidentally uncovering a massive chicken smuggling ring, the biggest bust in FDA history. She ends her master plan by stopping Tony's slide into darkness and giving him the info he needs and, on top of that, giving Olive a sliver of knowledge with what's left of the Toe. Awesome dosen't begin to cover it.
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