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Awesome: Chew
  • Poyo is a walking crowning moment of awesome. His name even gets its own font!
  • After Amelia starts dating Tony, her ex-boyfriend harasses her by leaving racist messages on her answering machine. He later kidnaps Tony and forces him to eat the corpses of dead baseball players so that he can write a tell-all book about their sex lives. He doesn't realize that by eating the baseball players' bodies, Tony gains their talents as well as their memories. Tony eventually smashes his kidnapper's skull with a fastball.
  • In Issue 32 Tony finally stands up to Applebee after over 30 issues of constant abuse from him, blowing his top and telling him to fuck off, turning Applebee into a whimpering wreck in the process. In general, Tony's tribulations throughout the series (having his ear bitten off, demoted to traffic cop, almost tortured to death by Amelia's psycho ex-boyfriend and the brutal murder of his twin sister) appear to have toughened him up considerably.
    • Not only that but Applebee attempted to tell him off over vampire research... only for Tony to point out that not only was The Vampire an FDA concern, but that he'd already killed dozens, including a federal agent aka Toni, and then tear into Applebee for all the abuse he'd given Tony.
    • Applebee is so tramuatized by this that it takes a simple glare from Tony to shut him up.
  • Mason Savoy is also a walking crowning moment of awesome
    • His effortless defeat of a pack of Ninjas
    • Escaping from a maximum security FDA prison, defeating a man with the power to take on the properties of the Candy he eats simply by exploting the man's weak jaw, and then biting Montero and finally getting the info he'd been after the whole series.
  • Colby Inviting Mason to the party celebrating Colby and Applebee's marriage after Applebee makes it clear Colby could invite ANYONE who wasn't Tony Chu, then using the opportunity to get Mason back into the FDA.
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