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YMMV: Chew
  • Complete Monster: The Vampire, later known appropriately as The Collector, is a being with the ability to gain the powers of others through eating them. As someone who deeply desires to be the ultimate being, the Collector has hunted down, murdered and cannibalized many people, relishing sadistic mind games he plays with them as well. He isn't averse to a round of torture to get information, either. When he captures the hero Tony Chu's sister "Toni" Chu, he devours an arm and a leg and is furious that he can't gain her powers due to her having loaded up on beets, which blocks his powers. Toni, a psychic who can see the future of what she eats, informs the Collector her brother is going to kill him. Her lack of fear and her taunts make him snap and break her neck, even when he had no reason to kill her at that juncture. Even in such an odd and funny series, the Collector is a monster who treats the murder and cannibalism of so many people as stepping stones in his path to glory and power.
  • Funny Moments: The last page of issue #9. There are not words.
    • Also, the incident in issue #4 with the Senator's ashes. "Good day to you, madam." Indeed.
    • ALL of Issue #40.
  • Ho Yay: One-sided Applebee for Colby. When Colby first meets Applebee, he assumes that Applebee is a closeted homosexual. He turns out to be right and later seduces Applebee to distract him while Chu goes on a rogue mission unnoticed. Applebee ends up as a Stalker with a Crush.
    • Colby himself is in fact homosexual; he's just not into Applebee. Colby is kind of a Straight Gay verging on Manly Gay what with his general Bad Ass nature.
    • In a later issue, Colby sleeps with his female USDA boss, revealing that he is actually bisexual.
  • Memetic Badass: Poyo, in-universe
  • Squick: Tony has to eat a lot of things, including an old severed finger and a dead freeze-dried dog.
    • Though the line gets drawn at feces.
    • In a later issue, he gets force-fed many dead baseball players

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