* ''The Conqueror'':
** Gaia, turned into a mortal, tells Ma-Ti she must go to the missile base, where the other Planeteers are making a mess. Cue this exchange:
-->'''Ma-Ti:''' You cannot go there now! Your life would be in danger!\\
'''Gaia:''' I know. But peace requires a brave heart.
** Also, the scene where the Planeteers turn away from Zarm:
-->'''Zarm:''' What is [[Heartwarming/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers this sentimental slop]]? Where are my young conquerors?\\
'''Kwame:''' I am not a conqueror. I am a Planeteer. (''throws his gauntlet to the ground'')\\
'''Zarm:''' Kwame! Someone else will rule if you do not. This world needs an iron fist.\\
'''Linka:''' ''That'' is the ''last'' thing it needs. I have felt really miserable since I had this ''thing'' on! (''throws her gauntlet at Zarm's feet'')\\
'''Gi:''' A ''peace''-maker must have a great courage. (''throws her gauntlet at Zarm'')\\
'''Zarm:''' Wheeler! Listen to me! Follow me; you can rule the world!\\
'''Wheeler:''' I don't want your kind of world! (''throws his gauntlet away'')
* ''Tree of Life'': Dr. Blight sprays herself with a magic sap that grants her superpowers even greater than Captain Planet's. When she's curb-stomping Captain Planet a second time, Wheeler suddenly tackles her. Of course, it has no effect and she easily throws him away. A bit later, Blight notices her powers are waning and tries to refuel on more sap, but can't find it. Wheeler reveals he picked her pocket and sprays Captain Planet with the sap. He gets supercharged and defeats Blight.
* ''Mission to Save Earth, Part 2'': The epic way Captain Planet defeats Captain Pollution [[spoiler:who later comes back anyway]].
-->'''Captain Planet:''' (''bear-hugs Captain Pollution'') The pure elements of the Earth. I'm gonna give you a taste of ''every single one''.\\
'''Captain Pollution:''' [[BigNo NO!]]\\
'''Captain Planet:''' First: EARTH! (''drives them both through the Earth's crust'') Then: FIRE! (''they reach the Earth's mantle'') And for our next element: WIND! (''flies back into the sky, swings Pollution around by his ankle'') And finally: WATER! (''throws him into the sea to retrieve him moments later'') Did you enjoy your bath, Captain Pollution?\\
'''Captain Pollution:''' Oh... Have a heart, Captain Planet!\\
'''Captain Planet:''' Oh, don't worry, Pollution! Now that you're all clean, I'm just gonna put you out to dry! (''slams him down'')
** Commander Clash's speech near the end was also pretty sweet:
-->'''Commander Clash:''' Wait, soldiers, listen to me! (''soldiers stop'') Look around you! Take a good long look! [[CrapsackWorld This is the future of the world]]! If you help monsters like Plunder...\\
'''Looten Plunder:''' Monsters? (''soldiers stare at Plunder'') Who are you calling monster?\\
'''Commander Clash:''' You! You and [[CorruptCorporateExecutive your kind]]!\\
'''Looten Plunder:''' Don't listen to him! Money's all that matters. Money and power! (''soldiers cheer for Plunder'')\\
'''Commander Clash:''' [[ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules What good is money in a world destroyed by waste and pollution]]? Listen to me, until today, I was a lot like you, [[HiredGuns a soldier paid to do a job without asking questions]]. What I have learned, there are things more dangerous than missiles: there is greed, selfishness, indifference, prejudice. Everything, in fact, that monstrosity stands for. If you join him, THIS is our future. How long can you survive in a world like this? The time to choose is NOW! (''soldiers drop their weapons'')\\
'''Looten Plunder:''' What are you doing? [[YouFool You fools]], we could conquer the world!
* ''Summit to Save Earth, Part 1'': Gaia going all [[MamaBear/WesternAnimation Mama Bear]] against Zarm for threatening both her Planeteers and the Earth.
-->'''Gaia:''' You wanted to see me, Zarm? Well, here I am. You can leave right now, ''or'' I can help you leave. But mark my words: I will ''not'' let you destroy this planet.
* ''Summit to Save Earth, Part 2'':
** Ma-Ti's [[KirkSummation little speech]] to [[BigBad/WesternAnimation Zarm]] about the power of Heart, finished with this gem:
--->'''Ma-Ti:''' My power will not touch YOU (''points at Zarm'') because... you HAVE no heart!
** Also, [[BigDamnHeroes Commander Clash]] swooping in [[MakesSenseInContext with a mirror]] seconds later JustInTime to save Ma-Ti's life. [[ChangedMyMindKid And when one remembers that he earlier has left the kids alone, saying he failed them...]]
* '''Teers in the 'Hood'': [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Katara]]'s not the only Waterbender you do not want to get angry. When Gi learns the identity of the gang member who shot and hospitalized her friend, she completely snaps and uses her ring to send him flying up a waterslide and down into a pool where she tries to drown him. BewareTheNiceOnes, indeed!
-->'''Wheeler:''' Gi, you don't really want to do this!\\
'''Gi:''' ''Yes, I do!''
** Gi going all gangster when she takes the gun off Wheeler and intends to use it on the guy who shot King.
** Props to Wheeler, too, for demonstrating what's hinted in his introduction scene: he can fight and if need be, he will, but he'd much rather ''not'' fight if he can avoid it. He may be the muscle of the Planeteers, but [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold that muscle's got a whole lot of heart]].
** The end of the episode qualifies, too. The images of civil rights leaders are one of the most powerful and serious moments in a kids' cartoon even to this day.
* ''A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find'': Ma-Ti punching out Hitler. [[GeniusBonus If you know anything about one Colin Ross, this becomes all the more epic.]]
* ''In Zarm's Way'': All the battles between the upgraded (and increasingly more ferocious) Boots and Buster.